Whether conducting preliminary or final reads, RamSoft understands the needs of teleradiology practices and radiology groups. RamSoft offers two configurations – PowerServer Tele Plus and PowerServer Tele Lite – to meet your business needs. Both are completely web-based systems specially designed to offer convenient multi-facility management so you can read for multiple locations no matter where you are located. Coupled with an unlimited user license, the PowerServer Tele products are ideal for teleradiology practices of all sizes.

Our Teleradiology solutions provide you with options on how you store studies. They can either be processed a first-in / first-out method or for groups that also offer archiving, PowerServer Tele Plus includes customizable archiving options.

Safety and Security You Can Trust

TLS and VPN Security technology is employed to ensure patient data is always secure and HIPAA compliant. Auto-management of the DICOM header provides study consistency for the radiologist's viewing environment and viewing protocol support.

Universal Worklist

Our built in customizable worklists, eliminate the need to log into disparate PACS systems to read for multiple facilities. The Universal Worklist displays critical information at a glance, saving time while providing clients with faster turnaround times, and stimulating outstanding patient care.

Intelligent routing and on-call calendar

Guarantee your clients there will be no delay or extended wait time for all reports, including high priority.

Flexible Storage Options

RamSoft understands radiology and teleradiology groups are not required to store studies so we’ve designed our teleradiology solutions to process studies on a first-in/first-out basis. For groups that offer the added service of archiving to their clients, PowerServer Tele Plus is equipped with that option.

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