PowerServer RIS/PACS

PowerServer RIS/PACS has all the features found in our robust PACS coupled with the powerful features of a RIS. This single-platform/single database system expands the concept of "Read from Anywhere" to "Read and Manage from Anywhere." It offers all the necessary features to manage a radiology facility or department from patient scheduling to resource management, diagnostic reporting, archiving, and management reporting.

Save Time and Money with a Single Platform Database System

Having a practice manager onsite is not always feasible for larger practices with multiple facilities and it's especially difficult when workflow is managed through disparate systems. In a scenario like that, the overall management of the practice can be complicated and time consuming. RamSoft's PowerServer RIS/PACS frees you from the confines of non-web-based disparate systems and allows you to log in from anywhere to manage your users, facilities and related resources. PowerServer RIS/PACS allows administrators to manage user rights, add/or remove resources and stay on top of business issues no matter where they are because all administrative tools are available through the internet.

RamSoft Meaningful Use Certified Complete EHR PowerServer RIS/PACS is certified as a complete EHR to qualify for Meaningful Use (USA).
RamSoft RIS/PACS Practice Mangement Solution PowerServer RIS/PACS is a full-featured Read From Anywhere solution that provides a complete practice management solution.

Powerful Patient Scheduling


Our web-based PowerServer RIS/PACS includes a powerful scheduling module that can be accessed from anywhere. This is especially important for larger imaging centers with multiple locations that utilize a call-center type set up for scheduling patients.

Physician Portal with electronic appointment request


The Physician Portal with Mobile App is a cutting edge application that provides access to patient images and reports without having to download software. It provides unseen levels of interactivity, including patient scheduling, while maintaining the ease of use and security you've come to expect from RamSoft.

  • Referring Physician Order Entry
  • Image Viewer with Streaming
  • Wet Reads
  • Current and Prior Reports
  • Basic Manipulation Tools
  • Works on Windows, MAC and Linux

Diagnostic Reporting From Anywhere

Whether you're an imaging center, radiology group or hospital, it's very common to have more than one facility to read for, making it difficult for radiologists to balance their time and availability. By providing a read-from-anywhere platform for your interpreting physicians, you open the door to growing your practice and having access to more qualified doctors. In turn, you are able to conduct and read more patient studies which means faster diagnoses and improved patient care for patients.

PowerServer RIS/PACS includes all the tools necessary to run an efficient imaging department including the ability to read and report from anywhere. Our system includes a tight integration to Microsoft Word so users can develop all the necessary forms and templates they need. The system also includes structured reports based on RSNA guidelines which are compatible with voice recognition.

Dictation and Voice Recognition

PowerServer RIS/PACS also includes two methods for dictation. The PowerReader Diagnostic Workstation includes an embedded dictation tool which attaches a voice file that is automatically transmitted to your transcriptions for typing the final report. Integration with Voice Recognition services is also available for Radiologists who prefer to dictate directly into embedded structured report templates based on RSNA guidelines and control the software through voice commands.

Diagnostic Tools

RamSoft's feature-rich tools available in the PowerReader Diagnostic Workstation allow Radiologist to interpret their studies on the fly.

Management Reports


PowerServer RIS/PACS includes a web-based reporting module. No matter where you are, you can always stay on top of business statistics. Reports include:

  • Study Time Turnaround
  • Radiologist Turnaround Time
  • Transcriptionist Turnaround Time
  • Technologist Turnaround time
  • Modality Turnaround Time
  • Studies by Status Transition
  • Referring Physician Reports


Integrated Web-based Billing (USA)


Revenue Cycle management just got easier with integrated web-based billing. This integration features:

  • Real time eligibility
  • Credit card payment processing from one screen
  • Automated patient payment plans
  • Revenue Cycle management reports
  • Supports CPT, ICD 9/10 and ANSI 5010 medical codes and rules with auto-updates so you are current with regulations

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