PowerServer PACS

PowerServer PACS is a powerful web-based solution that supports all modalities and allows you to access and read studies from anywhere. It will automate your processes so you can become a successful and profitable practice while continuing to promote better, faster patient care. Best of all, as your practice grows; PowerServer PACS will grow with you.

100% Web-Based

Built from the ground up as a completely web-based solution, PowerServer PACS is equipped with the ability to access the system anytime, anywhere, without losing productivity. It comes equipped all the tools necessary to access patient studies and report from any location.

Built-in Workflow Engine

Our workflow engine automates every step of your process from start to finish, including customized status transitions, without the use of a RIS or separate workstation. PowerServer PACS automatically queues up patient data on the modality and transmits the study to the radiologist for interpretation and report distribution. No need to think about the study transitioning to the next step in the workflow. PowerServer PACS takes care of that for you.

Powerful Reporting Tools Available from Anywhere

  • Built-in Template Manager allows you to store and filter your forms and templates by certain criteria so you access documents relevant to your tasks.
  • A tight integration with MS Word allows you to build your own form and report templates without using customer support. The system includes structured report templates based on RSNA Guidelines.
  • PowerServer PACS includes dictation and transcription tools so your transcriptionists can be located anywhere thanks to the 100% web-based technology.
  • OPTIONAL: PowerServer PACS can be integrated with Dragon Medical for voice recognition. Use VR to create reports and manipulate the software. Pre-defined macros can also be developed for commonly used phraseology to speed up the reporting process.

Physician Portal with Mobile App

PowerServer PACS includes a platform independent application that automatically detects whether you are using a PC or a mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad or tablet to access the portal. From the portal, reading physicians are able to access new studies to provide preliminary reads and referrers have access to current and prior study images and reports to discuss with their patients.

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