Read from Anywhere. Yes, Anywhere.

To read from anywhere means having access to your patient studies, reporting tools, and sometimes scheduling and demographics tools, so you may conduct business and provide patient reports no matter your location.

This ability improves your workflow and makes your practice more efficient; something that is appreciated by your referring physicians and most importantly the patients.

Who Reads From Anywhere?

  • Independent radiologists reading for multiple facilities/locations
  • Radiology groups, including teleradiology
  • Multi-facility imaging centers
  • Hospitals

Why Read From Anywhere?

  • Ability to expand your business
  • Provide specialty reading services to remote areas

How To Read From Anywhere?

  • Web-based diagnostic workstations
  • Web-based physician portal
  • Platform independent mobile physician portals iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets

Advantages of Read From Anywhere Technology

  • No Citrix or VPNs required
  • Eliminates the need to be onsite to provide final reports
  • Access the physician portal from any device or PC and provide preliminary reads
  • Customizable routing rules so your current and prior studies are available when and where you need them